Compliance of state laws is crucial when implementing ID scanning technology™ is a resource of legal information designed to help your company in maintaining compliance with the ID scanning laws of individual states, and tracking of state legislation to keep you apprised of any newly enacted laws.

We have engaged law firms around the country to compile and interpret the respective state laws. In addition, Our Firm has a process in place to provide ongoing research on pending and enacted state laws for each state to keep our customers informed.

We are an all-inclusive, cost effective resource, providing the relevant state laws on scanning driver’s licenses and other government issued ID’s, and storage of personal information. Our guidance report includes references to key state laws for scanning ID’s, and provides our counsel's general analysis of how these state laws affect businesses.



U.S. federal laws related to scanning driver’s licenses or government issued ID cards.


Restrictive state laws surrounding scanning driver’s licenses and storage of personal information.


Legislative Tracking

Monthly email updates on related legislative bills or newly enacted laws - including updates on state law changes scheduled to be in effect.